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We accept artwork that is PC format or Macintosh Format.

If you are sending arwork for embroidery. A clean laser print out will will work just fine for the embroidery digitizing. If you would like to send your artwork on disk. We can accept artwork on a floppy, zip, or cd. The type of files that work best are .tif,.psd, or .eps. you can also send .bmp or .gif files, but the previously listed work the best.

If you are sending artwork for screenprint, we prefer vector type files. Our program of choice is Adobe Illustrator. If you send us a .eps or .ai file please make sure all artwork is created to outlines. Then save and you can e-mail us your file at info@acepromos.net. We also accept camera ready color sepertations if you have the capabilites of printing 100 dpi camera ready artwork.